You know what they say – all roads lead to Rome, but sometimes, there are just more creative ways to arrive at your destination. For instance, Houdini and all the other famous illusionists are able to free themselves from a pair of handcuffs in a show, but this particular hacker decided to take a far different route – that is, through the clever use of 3D printed and laser cut keys. This is a rather amazing achievement, considering the security level of high-end handcuffs that depends on a detainee who will require access to select kinds of small, precisely-shaped objects.

Since we are living in an age of easy 3D printing, in addition to other DIY innovations, of course. So here we are with an enterprising German hacker and security consultant who prefers to be called “Ray”, recently showed off how handcuff manufacturers have quite a problem on their hands, and it is hoped that there will be a certain level of restriction in terms of the key distribution for its handcuffs.

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