InstagrilleWhile Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing services online, it is only available on Android and iOS devices. If you want to upload photographs or browse the pictures that your friends have taken, you’ll have to do it with a smartphone or tablet. There have been some web-based apps that get the job done but they’re not downloadable apps which you can install on your computer. Well, Instagrille changes all that.

Available from the Pokki app store and platform for Windows, Instagrille gives you all the browsing capabilities of the regular Instagram app as well as sharing options that are missing from it. The app still can’t upload photographs for you (Instagram’s API doesn’t allow it) but for everything else it seems to have it covered.  Photos on Instagram can also be downloaded to users’ computers through the app.

At the moment the app is Windows-only, but a Mac version is promised in the near future. If you’re keen on browsing Instagram photos on your computer desktop, head here to get Instagrille.

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