It seems that voice assistant features are starting to become a trend in the smartphone industry, what with Apple hyping the use of Siri in the iPhone 4S, which was then followed by Samsung introducing the S Voice for the Galaxy S3, RIM’s Blackberry 10 is also expected to gain a voice assistant feature, and LG with Quick Voice. Unfortunately for LG users though, is that Quick Voice is currently limited to South Korea and Korean speakers only, which means that if you do not speak the Korean language, Quick Voice would be virtually useless for you.

Well the good news is that if you’ve always been a fan of LG, you will be pleased to learn that LG’s Quick Voice is expected to play catch-up in the first half of 2013 where it will be rolled out to English-speaking countries. It is also expected to undergo a name change and will be known as Q Voice instead. According to LG, Q Voice is expected to be better and more intuitive than the competition as it uses “reasoning with a probabilistic model to find the best answer”, which basically means that it will take into context the question as opposed to relying on a database. We have yet to try Quick Voice/Q Voice out for ourselves, so we can’t really attest to its effectiveness just yet, but it is certainly looking as though the voice assistant market is starting to get crowded. So, any LG users looking forward to Q Voice arriving for their phones?

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