Minecraft creator Mojang has been taken to court after being sued due to the user controls that see action in the block building and survival game. The recriminations could be huge, considering how popular the title is ever since it was launched. To put things into a nutshell, Mojang is sued over the way it provides gamers with access to mobile versions of the game. According to Texas-based Uniloc, they say that they are the rightful owners of the patent that has everything to do with the way users are authorized to play over a smartphone.

Mojang founder Markus Persson vehemently denies any wrongdoing on his company’s part, where he was quoted to say that he would “throw piles of money” into the potential legal fight up ahead against this claim by Uniloc. Mojang is not alone in this lawsuit though, as another 9 companies were named, ranging from luminaries such as Electronic Arts and Square Enix to Gameloft.

What do you think of all these patent lawsuits flying around? It seems that life is a whole lot harder for developers nowadays when it comes to in-app innovation if companies were to hold patents to just about anything and everything.

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