Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Released Today

Minecraft fans who liked the first season of the game’s Story Mode will be excited to find out that the second season has been released today. Yes, Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 is available starting today. The first of five episodes from the new season are available for download on a wide variety of platforms.

Minecraft Will Get A Community Marketplace Soon

Exciting times are up ahead for Minecraft players. Mojang, the Microsoft-owned studio behind this game, has confirmed that Minecraft is going to get a community marketplace this spring. The marketplace will play host to content made by players that other players can purchase if they want to. The marketplace will be available on mobile and Windows 10 PC editions of Minecraft.

Minecraft For Apple TV Released

It was announced during Apple’s event in October this year that Minecraft will soon be making its way to the Apple TV. Microsoft-owned Mojang has announced today that Minecraft for Apple TV has now been released. The game has been launched for the fourth-generation Apple TV. The company says that Minecraft for Apple TV is “rolling out in all regions” throughout the entire day.

Minecraft Console Edition Spooky Bundle Gets You In The Halloween Spirit

Halloween is just around the corner and to make sure that you’re in the spirit to have some fun, Mojang has released a Spooky Bundle for Minecraft Console Edition. The bundle is out today, it brings three treats for Minecraft players on consoles, all rolled up in one single package. Mojang has created a trailer to demonstrate all that’s new in the Spooky Bundle.


Minecraft PC Exploration Update Arrives With Llamas In Tow

The Minecraft for PC Exploration update has been released today. It brings a handful of new features and content to this popular sandbox game. It also adds the Cartographer character which players will find residing in the library. They can spend their emeralds to obtain maps which lead them to adventurous locations like the Ocean Monument and the new Woodland Mansion.

Minecraft Gets A Chinese Mythology Pack

Mojang has announced today that it has been working on a lot of good things for the Minecraft: Console Edition which will be released this fall. One of the things it has been working on is the Chinese Mythology pack which brings an “exquisitely crafted world” that has been inspired by myths of the far East. The Minecraft Chinese Mythology pack is going to be released next month.

Minecraft: Education Edition Release Date Confirmed

Earlier this year, Mojang announced a new edition of its popular game called Minecraft: Education Edition. It’s really not that different from the Minecraft game that millions of people across the globe love but it does have some features that are aimed towards students. It’s not meant as a proper education product but as something that can play a positive role in the classroom. Mojang today confirmed the Minecraft: Education […]

Minecraft Gets Oculus Rift Support Next Week

You can already play Minecraft in virtual reality if you have a Samsung Gear VR headset but for that you require a compatible smartphone as well. If you’re a bonafide PC gamer and have an Oculus Rift VR headset then rejoice, Mojang’s popular game will soon be available in virtual reality on the Rift as well.

Minecraft Oculus Rift Support Coming In A Few Weeks

Mojang released a separate iteration of Minecraft for Windows 10 in July last year. Called Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta, it’s limited to the latest and greatest Windows update from Microsoft, and now it’s going to give PC players a huge advantage. It has been confirmed today that Minecraft Oculus Rift support is going to be added to Windows 10 Edition beta in a few weeks from now.

Minecraft Has Sold More Than 100 Million Copies

Minecraft has only been around for a few years but its popularity is staggering. The game is available on a variety of platforms and devices, it happens to be much loved by millions of people across the globe. Mojang, the company behind this popular game, has come out a precise figure today which really shows just how big Minecraft is. More than 100 million copies of Minecraft have been sold […]

Minecraft Gets A Free Battle Mini Game On Consoles

The folks at Mojang have announced today that Minecraft is getting a new mini game for free on consoles. It’s the first of a number of mini games that will be released for Minecraft, these mini games have been designed to allow players to compete under “cool and crazy” set of rules with little fuss. The first free mini game for Minecraft on consoles is called Battle.

Minecraft Is Getting Expensive

Minecraft is a game that needs no introduction. Played by millions across the globe, the game is available on a variety of platforms and has a huge fan base. That fan base might not take lightly the fact that Mojang has decided to increase the prices of Minecraft in some regions. It has more to do with economics actually than with Minecraft trying to make more money selling Minecraft. The […]

Minecon 2016 Tickets Go On Sale May 6th

Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed that it’s going to start selling Minecon 2016 tickets from May 6th. The tickets will be available for purchase on May 6th and May 7th. It’s going to sell them in two batches so that people in different time zones have a fair chance to grab some tickets. The countdown to each sale time is now live at the Minecon website.

Minecraft Realms Arriving Soon For iOS, Android And Windows 10

Mojang has confirmed today that it’s working on Minecraft Realms for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. If you don’t know, Minecraft Realms makes it easy to play the game with friends and family. Realms worlds are always online and can only be accessed by an approved group of people. That’s really why fans were asking Mojang to expand it to other platforms and it’s doing […]