Noise Free, a Silicon Valley company specializing in voice quality for digital communication devices and voice enabled applications, is suing Apple for allegedly infringing its noise-cancelling technology. The complaint was filed last week in San Jose, California. Noise Free claims that it previously revealed its “trade secret” noise cancellation technology to the Cupertino-based tech giant in a series of meetings in 2009, but added that Apple turned around on the company, chose another supplier, and eventually used its technology without permission for the iPad and iPhone.

Now, Noise Free is demanding the court to consider Apple’s pending patent application for noise-cancelling technology null and void. The patent reportedly infringed is US Patent 7742790, entitled “Environmental noise reduction and cancellation for a communications device.” The firm’s technology solved the problem of background noise by detecting external sounds and cancelling them before they are transmitted into the receiver of the device. Apple reportedly received PowerPoint presentations, documentation, circuit boards, and even a mock-up phone from Noise Free. Apple has yet to comment about the said allegations.

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