Back in the day, some forms of entertainment that parents could take away from their kids would be stopping them from going out with their friends or stopping them from watching TV. These days, it’s become a bit more complicated with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and the thing that connects them all, the internet.

However, over in France, a dad thought that he might have an ingenious idea on how to stop his kids from going online, and that is by using a signal jammer to try and knock the internet out in his home. Unfortunately, it turns out that the jammer might have been a bit too effective because it ended up knocking out an entire town’s internet.

Authorities were alerted when a carrier reported the issue to the Agence nationale des fréquences (ANFR), where it was discovered that a signal jammer was being used to block radio frequencies in the town. A technician later managed to trace the jamming signal to a house in the neighboring town, where the dad admitted purchasing the device online and using it.

According to the ANFR’s report, “The explanation was disconcertingly simple: the jammer had been installed by the father of the family to prevent his teenagers from accessing the internet with their smartphone instead of falling asleep! His children had indeed become addicted to social networks and other applications, in particular since the confinement imposed due to the epidemic of Covid-19.”

The authorities have since seized the device and unfortunately for the man, he is now facing potential jail time and a hefty fine as a result of his actions.

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