RIM logoWhile RIM claims that it isn’t in a “death spiral“, things don’t look too good for the company. According to reports online, carriers are now demanding that RIM reduce the carrier fees it charges customers for its services. Out of all the phone manufacturers in the market – RIM is the only company to do such a thing, and it looks like carriers aren’t too pleased about it. In case you didn’t know, RIM’s BlackBerry devices have access to BlackBerry-only services such as BBM and email, which require access to RIM’s servers to work hence they require a fee to use.

While carrier spokespeople have declined to comment on the situation, a RIM spokesman mentioned that “RIM intends to continue generating a revenue stream from the services we offer.” This means that RIM still plans to keep its carrier fees, but whether the company will be lowering its rates is still uncertain. What do you think of the additional fees you have to pay for BlackBerry services? Are they reasonably priced, or should RIM lower them?

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