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Research In Motion Officially Renamed To Blackberry, As Per Shareholder Vote
Earlier this year when Blackberry announced Blackberry 10 and the Z10 smartphone, the company also announced that they would be changing their name from Research In Motion (RIM) to Blackberry. While they have been referred to as Blackberry ever since, it seems that the change in name was not 100% official as it required a vote from the company’s shareholders in order for it to be officially changed. Well the […]

BlackBerry Z10 Review
BlackBerry 10 has come a long way. For months, we’ve seen a sprinkle of information every so often regarding some of BlackBerry 10’s improvements over previous iterations of the operating systems. And last week was when BlackBerry finally not only unveiled BlackBerry 10 to the world, but two new devices that would become the first generation of smartphones to run the company’s newest operating system.During BlackBerry’s media event last week, […]

BlackBerry Z10 Review Sentiment
BlackBerry Z10 Review Sentiment - As the first wave of BlackBerry Z10 Reviews hit the web, and from our own hands-on experience with the developer unit, here are 5 takeaways...

BlackBerry 10 Launched, RIM's Roadmap for 2013
RIM’s big launch of its BlackBerry 10 platform and devices has been a long time coming considering they announced today’s event a month in advance. The company hasn’t been doing as well as it would like to be doing considering Android and iOS devices are on the minds of the majority of people who own mobile devices.Today’s press event not only introduces the BlackBerry 10 OS and new devices that […]


BlackBerry Z10 Announced
Here we are with the official unveiling of the BlackBerry Z10 which was announced at the event in New York City (which we happen to be covering live over here). It does seem as though a UK retailer will be making available the BlackBerry Z10 available from tomorrow onwards. So far, what do we know about the BlackBerry Z10? For starters, the rather gorgeous 4.2″ display will come with 356 […]

BlackBerry Z10 To Debut In Black
We are having the hunch that the BlackBerry Z10 will come in black and white color flavors. Our speculations are based on previous leaked images of the phone appearing in black and white. But if a recent report from Engadget is true, then it looks like we’ll only be seeing the black version of the phone today. According to the publication, their “well-placed friend” is telling them that RIM’s BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry World Goes Live
The stage is ready for the highly anticipated BlackBerry 10 launch. Interestingly, RIM’s newly rebranded storefront, BlackBerry World, has already gone live. A quick check to the storefront will reveal a wide selection of apps, games, music, and videos. It was just yesterday when RIM announced that BlackBerry World will include an extensive calatog of songs, TV shows, and movies from reputable studios and labels. However, do note that the […]

BlackBerry 10 Z10 Available For Online Orders In U.K. Starting Tomorrow
Tomorrow will be make or break for RIM as they’ll be showcasing BlackBerry 10 to the world and releasing some new BlackBerry 10 devices, which we already assume one of them will be the BlackBerry 10 Z10. Considering how many leaks have come out in regards to BlackBerry 10, we’re surprised we have yet to hear when exactly it will be available for retail. It looks as though the final […]

RIM Reduces Pricing Tier For Apps On BlackBerry World
Just over the weekend after renaming its BlackBerry App World to the much simpler and bolder BlackBerry World, Research In Motion revealed plans of updating the pricing tier on its apps on the storefront. RIM says that it will first update the British Pound (GPB) and Euro (EUR) currencies, and that updates to other currencies will follow shortly. Citing the reason for the adjustment, RIM says that it wants to […]

White BlackBerry 10 Z10 Pictures Leak Online
We’re just two days away from RIM’s big press event where we’ll learn more about its upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices, two of which we assume will be the BlacBerry 10 Z10 and BlackBerry 10 X10 while a BlackBerry 10 tablet would be nice to see, we’re not holding our breath on it making its debut this Wednesday.Since we’re so close to the event, it isn’t unexpected for additional leaks to be made. Such […]

Lenovo Might Not Take Over RIM After All
There was a story that made its rounds late last week that Lenovo is looking in the possibility of purchasing RIM, and it seems that the possibility of that is not happening anytime soon. After all, this bit of information came from the horse’s mouth, as Lenovo has stepped up to the plate and refuted such acquisition rumors. Bloomberg originally quoted Lenovo CFO Wong Wai Ming, “We are looking at […]

BlackBerry World To Include Extensive Catalog Of Songs, Movies, TV Shows
Following the announcement that BlackBerry App World will be re-branded to BlackBerry World, RIM, today, is announcing that the storefront will offer an extensive catalog of music, movies, and TV shows. RIM is pushing it further by boasting that most of its movies will be arriving at the store the same day they are released on DVD. Basically, the catalog will showcase content from all major studios, music labels, and […]

BlackBerry 10 Tablets Confirmed By RIM
We’ve been hearing a remarkable amount of BlackBerry 10 rumors ever since RIM announced its major press event taking place on January 30. We’ve seen a number of BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry X10 articles, but we haven’t heard much in regards any BlackBerry 10 tablets. RIM manufactured its PlayBook tablet, so we should expect a BlackBerry 10 tablet, right?

Lenovo And RIM To Strike A Deal?
RIM (Research in Motion) did seem to be dragging its feet through the doldrums in recent years, especially when their market share was steadily chipped away by the modern day interpretation of the smartphone – full touchscreen and all, but things do seem to be looking up with the impending release of the BlackBerry 10 operating system that is set to happen at the end of this month, along with […]

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Launched
RIM is announcing that its new Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM solution called BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is now available for download. What this means is a new EMM that offers better device management for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, and the upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones that we are about to see next week. RIM is upping the ante by making BES 10 capable of supporting Android and iOS devices […]

Blackberry 10 X10 Could Be Launched On The 30th Of January
Come 30th of January, RIM will be officially launching Blackberry 10 and many expect that the Canadian company will be launching the Z10 shortly after. However according to the folks at N4BB, they have heard that on the 30th of January,  not only will RIM’s Blackberry 10 platform be launched, but it is possible that RIM will be launching the Blackberry 10 X10 smartphone as well! For those who haven’t […]

Samsung Targets iPhone, BlackBerry In Business-Focused Commercial
Commercials for Samsung’s Galaxy devices are usually spent bashing the competition, that is unless it’s changing your perception of Mrs. Claus. They’ve recently bashed the iPhone 5, and are once again setting their sights on Apple’s smartphone, as well as RIM’s BlackBerry devices.The new Samsung commercial was created to hopefully change the minds of business users who have trusted their business needs to a BlackBerry device, while at the same time, […]

BlackBerry World Is New BlackBerry App World
What’s in a name? After all, doesn’t a rose smell just as sweet were it to be called by any other name? Well, Research In Motion (RIM) must know something that we don’t, having changed the name of its app store from BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World. Hmmm, I do wonder whether there are any kind of unknown legal wranglings for RIM to drop the word “App” from the […]

RIM To License BlackBerry 10 To Other Hardware Manufacturers?
You know something? When the chips are down, it makes sense to try just about anything, and I am quite sure that RIM, while they are rather optimistic about their upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system and slew of devices which will run on it, might just look towards the Windows Mobile model by licensing BlackBerry 10 to interested hardware manufacturers. This was shared with a German newspaper by RIM’s CEO […]

Blackberry 10 Z10 Sample Photos Spotted On Flickr And Picasa
Thanks to the folks @evleaks, they have managed to get their hands on an alleged sample photo taken by the Blackberry 10 Z10’s camera. These photos were supposedly uploaded onto Flickr but it seems that the Flickr account has since been deactivated. In any case with @evleaks’ reputation for leaking the goods ahead of time, it is safe to assume that what we are looking at is the genuine article. […]