Hanson Robotics must be pretty proud to have paraded their very first production unit that hails from their miniature humanoid robot range, calling it the Robokind. Sporting a rather semi-realistic head that comes complete with moving eyelids and lips, it is very different from the rest of the robots which form part of the commercially-available research platforms. In fact, prototypes of this particular robot are already being prepared for action under the segment of autism treatment therapy.

Of course, such robots are definitely not going to come cheap – as the cheapest Robokind model will start from $11,500 onwards. Well, at that price point, the Robokind would definitely be more or less in line with other similarly-sized research platforms such as the Robotis DARwIn-OP and Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO. The main drawback? It would not end up a mass-market toy, but perhaps the future might bring about something different. One can always keep his or her fingers crossed, don’t you think so?

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