Strange, I was just watching Terminator 2 yesterday evening, and it was interesting to see a young punk of John Connor teaching the T-800 different nuances of human emotions and responses, even asking him to smile. Robots do not feel as they are machines, making them efficient killing tools (or workers at the factory), but inventor Nobuhiro Takahashi has decided to inject a little bit of “humanity” into the world of robotics, doing so via his creation “SHIRI”, which is translated to “butt” from Japanese, which is a robot butt that can respond with different emotions to different human touches.

Takahashi has high hopes that this prototype could eventually help robots develop responses that can be applied to other parts of a robot’s body, with the face being his primary focus, in order to achieve a greater sense of realism where non-verbal communication is concerned. He started off with the butt because a bottom’s movements are large, which is easier to convey emotion.

In order to induce fear in a robot, Takahashi would give the robot butt a good spanking, where it will respond by quivering. Now, I wonder if pole dancing robots would get quivering butts as a future feature…

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