T-Mobile’s team has had their fair share of zany naming conventions for upcoming devices, with the latest one being spotted just earlier this morning. Well, there is something far more ‘normal’ this time around, with the T-Mobile Aspect being spotted at the FCC recently. It must be said that the T-Mobile Aspect is actually a smartphone which was manufactured by ZTE, where it is referred to as the ZTE F555 by folks over at the FCC. It does seem as though the ZTE F555 will feature only AWS/1900 support for 3G/4G connectivity, which would clearly place the chances of this being a standard issue feature phone instead of slugging it out in the big leagues as a smartphone. Hopefully more pertinent information concerning the T-Mobile Aspect will be revealed in due time., ranging from its specifications to the price point. Frankly, this does not seem to be a smartphone which will excite the senses when it is released to the masses, but rather, would be functional enough for folks who want nothing but a phone.

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