Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid vehicles for some years now, with their Prius range being top sellers in most countries where it has appeared in. Well, we now have another green ride from Toyota of Japan, known as Coms, and this is a little bit more selfish in nature compared to the Prius. Allow me to elaborate – the Toyota Coms is an extremely small single-seater electric vehicle that has a wheelbase of just 1,530mm. Both front and rear treads measure 930mm and 920mm, respectively, and it tips the scales at less than half a ton – 400 to 420kg, to be exact. The minimum turning radius is just 3.2m, and it requires no automobile safety inspection, certification of parking space, weight tax or automobile acquisition tax, now how about that?

The Toyota Coms falls under the first-class motorized four-wheeled vehicle under Japan’s Road Traffic Law, where a normal driver’s license is still required if you were to get behind the wheel of this puppy, but at least there is no need to wear a helmet. Seems to be the ideal ride to take into the middle of a busy city where parking is nearly impossible to find.

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