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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual leaked

In the PDF link that you see at the end of this post, you will be able to check out Verizon Wireless’ Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual – just in case you were one of those who have yet to receive the Galaxy S3 as part of your new handset collection. In fact, we have had word that Verizon customers who had already placed a pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy S3 have already started to receive the smartphone in front of their doorsteps. Well, before you actually bust open the phone, it would always do well to go through the user manual. After all, there might be just something which you might have missed along the way, no? For those who are very curious to know just what the Galaxy S3 is able to offer as you have yet to make a purchase, you might want to take this opportunity and go through the user manual – while turning green in envy along the way, of course. Got to love the bright red cover of the user manual, that’s for sure. [PDF User Manual]

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