Gearbox announced just last month that Borderlands 2 is ready and complete, where it was then duly bundled for the certification process. Good to know that after all this while, Borderlands 2 has gone gold – and to put it in layman’s terms, this means that the average gamer on the street will soon be able to pick up this 58-hour or so game – very, very soon. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, tweeted, “Borderlands 2 is now GOLD (360, PS3 EU, PS3 NA, Win PC)! PSN, PS3 JP + others imminent. Official statement to come when all ballots are in.”

It ought to arrive in less than a month’s time, so you might want to make better use of the days and weeks ahead occupying yourself with Diablo 3’s Paragon System when it arrives with patch 1.0.4 sometime this week, assuming all goes on as expected in a peachy keen manner. What are you looking forward to in Borderlands 2?

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