The next piece of downloadable content for Borderlands 2, called Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, will be releasing this week, and what better way to celebrate its upcoming release than to dress up as one of the game’s most iconic characters, Handsome Jack.

NECA has just introduced a latex mask that features hand-painted details which mimic the cel-shaded look that is notorious with the Borderlands universe, which gives the Handsome Jack mask a high amount of accuracy in how realistic it looks when compared to the source material.


If Handsome Jack isn’t your style and you see yourself as more of a Psycho Bandit lover, NECA has also just announced its latex mask for the Psycho Bandit character that looks just as good as Handsome Jack.

Both latex masks for Handsome Jack and Psycho Bandit will be made available for $26.99 each starting September 2013. Seeing how New York Comic Con is happening in October, we think this would be the perfect opportunity for you cosplayers out there to debut your latest Handsome Jack or Psycho Bandit costume at the show.

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