Have you ever heard of the video app known as Crackle before? If you haven’t, then here is a quick refresher for you – Crackle is said to be a popular video app that has appeared on its fair share of platforms, and I guess you can say that it has been a long time in coming to see Crackle finally make its debut on the Windows Phone platform. This is an ad-supported streaming service which is capable of delivering one access to films including Pineapple Express, Layer Cake in addition to popular TV series’ such as Seinfeld, all on the comfort of your smartphone device.

Needless to say, since it is ad-supported, you can be sure that just as the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, so too, will Crackle be available as a free app. If you are interested in giving some crackling video goodness (sorry, I just could not resist that) on your smartphone, then you can download Crackle onto your Windows Phone device over from the Market Place. For those who have already given it a go, how has your experience with Crackle for Windows Phone been so far?

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