What started out as a hackathon project could turn out into a highly lucrative milking cow for the giant social network. We are hearing reports today that Facebook is testing out a new feature that will allow its users to turn their photos into real postcards. So how does it work? Those who were able to test the feature were able to view a “Mail A Postcard” button at the bottom of the photos they’re viewing.

By clicking the button, a screen will open up and will then prompt the user to enter the mailing address of a person as well as an option to write down a personal message to be included in the photo (see example above). Few testers say that for now, they were only able to mail their own private photos, and that it doesn’t work on public photos. The new “Mail A Postcard” feature is reportedly powered by Sincerely, the makers of Postagram. Details of the feature are still bleak, and Facebook has yet to release an official statement to confirm it.

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