Every now and then Google decides to do a little spring cleaning with its outdated or irrelevant products and gets rid of them. Last month, Google switched Google Video over to Youtube and also got rid of iGoogle.  Now, Google has given the axe to its Google Apps for Teams product. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Apps for Teams, it allows schools and small teams access to Google’s enterprise server. Starting September 4th, Apps for Teams will become standard personal accounts.


Also no longer available is Google’s Android Listen app, which allows users to discover different podcasts. If you already have the app downloaded, the service will continue to work until November. Google stated that they are plenty of better alternatives on the Google Play store.

Another bit of info for businesses is that Google Video for Business has been cut. All of your video files that were hosted there will be transferred to Google Drive and won’t count against your current drive quota. Let us know if you were affected by Google’s actions and your reaction in the comments section below.

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