Google Maps gets more public transportation schedules worldwide

For those who use public transportation, there’s usually an Android app that can cater your needs for maps and schedules. With that in mind, here is one more option that comes directly within Google Maps, which means that it is preloaded with almost all Android smartphones.

What I particularly like with this integration is the street maps and public transport map within the same screen. That’s very useful because you are most likely going to walk around after getting off the public transport. The only thing missing are the station exits maps which are extremely handy when the station is big.

Google Maps supports many mode of transportation: bus, metro, tram, train. That covers pretty most of what most users can find. To make the map more readable, users can opt to show/hide modes that are not needed at any given moment. In some ways, this works well because users can now save maps offline, so when they are underground, everything still works fine. This is something that iOS or Windows Phone users have yet to benefit from.

What do you use for as a public transportation app, and would you try this new Google Map feature?

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