HP webOS logoI guess you can say that WebOS is the mobile operating system that simply refuses to die, where this former operating system of Palm that was acquired by Hewlett-Packard (HP) is now the main focus of the start-up known as Gram, especially after WebOS was sidelined into an open source project. An internal email did point towards the recruitment of staff to run Gram as an independent subsidiary of HP, with the objective of doing to meant to probe the mobile device market to see whether there is still a niche for WebOS to occupy.

Gram will not only spend its fair share of time with webOS, but it will also have related software platform products like the Enyo development tools, in addition to products that are capable of delivering cloud content. Could the possible revival of WebOS be on the cards now, and will Gram be able to fully leverage the core strengths of webOS, Enyo, and cloud offerings?

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