kinect 2When Nintendo first came out with the Wii, I am quite sure that the folks over at Sony and Microsoft did cast an interested look at Nintendo’s direction, wondering whether the “waggle controls” are able to be a hit. The Nintendo Wii surely became a runaway hit for casual gamers, and hence Sony decided to implement the PS Move eventually, with Microsoft deciding to use your body as a controller itself with their Kinect system. The NeoGAF forum has been rather active concerning the possibility of a Kinect 2 hitting the market alongside the rumored next generation Xbox which will continue from where the Xbox 360 leaves in the future.

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, you could be sarcastic and say that the future of gaming would include rubbing your tummy and head simultaneously, although I am quite sure that things will be very different. No idea on how Kinect 2 will end up eventually, but will it be a quantum leap over the current Kinect, or just an incremental improvement? That remains to be seen, and patience is the best policy.

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