LG has just announced their next generation V-Series zero client cloud monitor, which goes by the model number CAV42K, where it will see the inclusion of the Teradici Tera2 chipset, with LG hoping that this cloud monitor will certainly be at the forefront of cloud computing performance. The LG V-Series will come in a couple of two sizes, namely a 23-inch (16:9 aspect ratio) and a 19-inch (16:10 aspect ratio) model. The Tera2 chipset within is said to reduce power consumption by operating at fewer than 6 watts of typical system power, which is a vast improvement when compared to the Tera1 chipset that operates at fewer than 15 watts of typical system power.

Using the new TERA2321 chip, you are able to enable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) users to enjoy a more powerful processor which can process pixels up to five times faster (50 Mega Pixels per second from 10 Mega Pixels per second) compared to older P-series Cloud monitors that hold the Tera1 chip. The new chipset also supports DDR3 RAM for faster and more energy efficient memory as well as enhanced image quality.

The monitor itself is equipped with half a dozen USB 2.0 ports so that you can hook up other accessories to the monitor, ranging from keyboards to computer mice, printers, scanners, card readers and cameras. Apart from that, there is also a USB interface box which was placed on the back left side of the monitor, allowing you to hook up your USB devices easier than ever before. [Press Release]

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