London Olympics committee deploys Wi-Fi Police to hunt unauthorized Wi-Fi hotspots

We already know that wireless hotspots have been banned at the London Olympics. But it seems that the practical aspect of the rule has been tested as sports fans are secretly turning on their mobile hotspots to access the Internet. To ensure that the “no portable wireless hotspot” rule gets implemented, the Olympic committee has deployed the Wi-Fi police, similar to the one pictured above.

Yes, that photo was taken by Sadao Turner, the director of New Media for Ryan Seacrest’s productions. Turner tweeted with the photo saying, “Something you won’t see on TV, this is the Olympics Wi-Fi Police. They seek unauthorized wifi signals & shut them down.” So if you’re in London right now for the Olympics and are planning to use that portable hotspot functionality on your device, you might want to watch out for these guys. Law abiding citizens can also utilize BT Group’s more than 1,500 hotpots in the event for a price.

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