Not only has the coronavirus impacted businesses and travel, it has forced companies to pull out of events. It has also resulted in one of the biggest trade shows involving mobile devices to be cancelled. Now it looks like another major sporting event could be at risk of being cancelled and it comes in the form of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

According to Dick Pound, a senior member of the International Olympics Committee (IOC), he has suggested that due to growing concern of the spread of the coronavirus, there is a chance that if things do not improve, the 2020 Olympic Games could very well be cancelled. Previously, there was some concern about whether or not the event could go ahead.

Initially, it was believed that this would not be an issue, but after new cases in Japan were confirmed, we could be looking at a cancellation of the games. That’s right, it will not be postponed or relocated, but cancelled outright. Previously, the mayor of London had offered to host the games should it require a relocation, but now it seems that there is a chance it could be cancelled.

In a way it makes sense, because of the spread of the virus where it has affected pretty much the entire world, relocation wouldn’t make sense as it would pose the same risks. That being said, Pound’s words should not be taken as a confirmation. He was merely suggested that there is a possibility that this could be the outcome, but until we get official word, the games are still very much on.

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