team-usa-lmWhen it comes to the Olympics, winning the gold medal in your particular event is always the dream for any self-respecting athlete. The thing is, other than owning the genetic makeup of the supreme athlete, you will also be able to get some outside help with the introduction of special suits used in select events. Team USA has been well known for their high tech Olympic apparel in the past, and in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, their speed skaters will be wearing “Mach 39” suits which are manufactured by the folks over at Under Armour.

I know what you are thinking – in an alternate dimension, it might have been Tony Stark who is the one behind these speed skating suits, due to the naming convention that is similar in nature to his various armor. Under Armour did not manage to handle this undertaking all on his own, as they turned to aerospace company Lockheed Martin, with the target of having a measurable improvement over 100 meters. Apparently, this particular target has been touted to be achieved, thanks to the five different types of fabric used in the design so that the skater will already start off with an edge right from the get go. I wonder whether such suits will be banned in the future, as at one point in time, full length bodysuits for swimmers enabled them to break records all too easily before being banned.

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