beer-canadaWouldn’t it be cool if you had a fridge that could only be open by certain people? It would certainly make it great for exclusivity and recently in the Winter Olympics, it seems that countries have decided to give their athletes certain privileges that can only be unlocked with a special pass. In the case of Team USA, the participating Olympians were given a special keychain in which when attached to a vending machine, would allow the athlete to get themselves a bottle of Coke or Powerade for free.

If you thought that was pretty cool, it seems that Team Canada has decided to up the ante by providing their athletes with a fridge full of beer that can only be open by a Canadian passport! All the athlete would have to do is bring with them their passport, insert it into the slot (as pictured above) to scan it, and then the beer fridge will pop right open and provide them with all the beer that they can drink. It is pretty cool and while it might be only accessible to those in Team Canada, we guess it isn’t completely unexpected if the athletes decide to share their beer with the others in the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

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