One of the unique features of Windows Phone/Windows 8 is the Metro UI (pictured above). We admit that even though we don’t use Windows Phone devices, we like the Metro UI look and Android/iOS users who have downloaded mods/tweaks to look like Metro will probably agree too. However it seems that the name “Metro” will no longer be used in the future, according to a tipster who sent The Verge the news. An alleged internal memo was sent to Microsoft employees confirmed this and revealed that according to Microsoft’s discussion with an important European partner, the Metro branding will be discontinued. No word on what Microsoft’s UI will be called, but employees are reportedly told to refer to it as the “Windows 8 style UI” at the moment. Perhaps there were some legal issues if Microsoft had kept the Metro name, although this is merely speculation on our part for now, but in any case, we’ll keep our ears peeled for more news regarding this so stay tuned!

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