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Windows 11 Might Finally Improve On Multi-Display Support
On Windows 10, users can use multiple displays with their setup. There are options to configure the layout of these displays, but there is an issue where if your computer goes to sleep and you  wake it up, all your apps get crammed back to the main display and you’ll need to reconfigure everything again.

Windows 11 Screenshots Have Been Leaked
The other day, Microsoft teased that they would be showing off their next version of Windows on the 24th of June. Given that Windows 10 is expected to come to an end in 2025, many speculate that this could mean that Microsoft will be showing off their next-gen Windows update, which many think could be Windows 11.

Microsoft Could Kill Off Windows 10 In 2025
Windows 10 was first released in 2015 which means that it is 6 years old now, and it also seems that it has about 4 years left in it. This is according to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home and Pro Lifecycle Policy page in which it states that Microsoft will continue to support at least one Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel until 2025.

How To Show File Extensions In Windows 10
If you’re trying to figure out what file type a certain file is, looking at its extension can be helpful, but with Windows, Microsoft hides the extensions so here’s how you can turn it back on.


How To Take Full Page Screenshots In Chrome
Want to take a screenshot of an entire article you’re reading on a website? Instead of taking multiple screenshots and trying to stitch them up yourself, here’s a trick that will help you take full page screenshots in Chrome in seconds.

FaceTime Will Finally Be Coming To Windows And Android
For the longest time ever, FaceTime was pretty much exclusive to all iOS and macOS devices. Want to FaceTime with a friend? They don’t have an iOS or macOS device? Too bad. Or at least that was the case until today. At WWDC 2021, Apple has announced that FaceTime will finally be coming to Windows and Android devices.

Microsoft’s Next Version Of Windows Will Be Shown Off On June 24
Last week, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella teased that the company was working on its next-gen Windows operating system. If you’re curious as to what kind of changes and improvements we can expect from Windows, the official information will be revealed on the 24th of June.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen2 Processor For Entry-Level Windows PCs, Chromebooks
This week, Qualcomm is launching its second-generation Snapdragon 7c hardware platform to power affordable laptops on Windows and Chrome OS, and by “affordable,” we mean sub-$400 computers.This new product is not vastly different from the first generation, and there are no substantial architectural changes. Instead, it is an optimization and offers slightly higher clock speeds to augment performance, going from 2.4GHz to 2.55 GHz on the two high-performance A76 CPU […]

Microsoft Teases Their ‘Next-Generation’ Of Windows
Windows 10 was originally released in 2015. This means that the operating system is about 6 years old now, although to be fair, Microsoft has done quite a lot in terms of updates to make it feel new and exciting with all the different features, but it seems that it could be time for something a bit more bigger and drastic.

Support For Internet Explorer On Windows 10 Ends In 2022
Internet Explorer has gotten a bad rap over the years compared to other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So much so that when Microsoft launched Windows 10, the company opted to rebrand their browser to Edge. So what does this mean for Internet Explorer moving forwards?

Microsoft Confirms That Development On Windows 10X Is Dead
A couple of weeks ago, it was rumored that Microsoft might have killed off development on Windows 10X. For those who are unfamiliar, Windows 10X started out as a variant of Windows 10 designed for dual screened devices, like the Surface Neo. Microsoft later shifted their focus to single screen devices.

Microsoft Might Have Killed Development On Windows 10X
Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, but the company is working on variants of it. One of those is Windows 10X, which was originally designed with foldable devices, like the Surface Neo, in mind. However, later this changed where Microsoft wanted Windows 10X to focus on single-screen devices.

Microsoft Will Remove Flash From Windows 10 Computers This Summer
Now that Flash has officially reached its end of life, it seems that Microsoft will also be taking more proactive steps in removing it from Windows 10 computers. This is according to an updated blog post on Microsoft’s website where they revealed that they will include a Flash Player removal tool in Windows 10 patches starting this summer.

Latest Windows 10 Update Addresses Gaming Issues From Previous Update
There is a reason why when there are new updates, not everyone rushes out to get their hands on it. This is because there are times when an update actually poses more of a problem than a solution, so some people wait it out to give it some time for others to test and report back before updating.

You Can Now Run Windows 10 On M1 Macs...Kind Of
If you miss being able to run Windows on your M1-based Mac computer, you’re in luck because the folks behind Parallels Desktop has announced that in the latest version of their software, they are giving users the ability to install Windows 10 on ARM on their Mac computers, although there is a catch.

How To Uninstall Flash Player On Windows 10 + macOS
Now that support for Adobe Flash has officially come to an end, here’s what you’ll need to do if you wish to remove Flash Player from either Windows 10 or macOS.

Microsoft’s Windows 10X Expected In The Second Half Of 2021
So we know that Microsoft is developing a new version of Windows 10 in the form of Windows 10X. This variant was originally designed with the intention that it would provide dual screen devices, like the Microsoft Surface Neo, a more optimized Windows experience, although Microsoft did recently shift its focus back to single screen devices.

Microsoft Ends Support For Legacy Edge, Will Replace It Next Month
When Microsoft first launched Windows 10, they also introduced a new browser in the form of Edge, a departure from Internet Explorer that has been the staple of Windows for years. However, Edge did not live a very long and fruitful life, or at least that particular variant because not too long after, Microsoft rebuilt Edge using Chromium which replaced the original version.

WhatsApp Desktop Now Supports Voice And Video Calls
WhatsApp has a web and desktop version of its app which more or less does what the mobile version does. Almost. While it does almost everything the mobile version can do, like send messages, photos, videos, and documents, it cannot make voice or video calls, but that’s a feature that they were testing out last year.

Microsoft Office 2021 Will Be Launching Later This Year
Right now, Microsoft sells its Office productivity suites in two ways: a one-time purchase or a subscription to Microsoft 365. The subscription would be cheaper for the short-term, but in the long-run, it could be more expensive. However, the idea is that the subscription will ensure users will always have access to the latest features.