Windows 8
One of Microsoft’s executives, Steven Sinofsky, did announce in a blog post that their next generation of the Windows operating system, simply known as Windows 8 (it is always nice to keep things short and sweet) is now complete. Yes sir, Microsoft is working on releasing the finalized Release To Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8 to third-party manufacturers later today, if they have not yet done so already. It will take several weeks for manufacturers to get Windows 8 installed on their machines before the October 26 launch date arrives. Are you looking forward to what Windows 8 is able to deliver off hand, and have you made preparations to purchase a brand new computer at the same time to coincide with the Windows 8 launch?

Do not take the title in the wrong way though, I am not calling down curses on Windows 8 in any way, but rather, am making a reference to how the software giant’s job is done for Windows 8 – at this point in time, anyways.

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