The digital media is certainly the new wave that churns itself into a tsunami of information for the masses, and traditional print media have been on the decline for quite some number of years already, with no signs of abating. Well, magazines too, are finding the environment to be more and more competitive, and Nintendo Power must have lost all their 1-Up mushrooms, and hence, they will cease publication shortly after being in circulation for over two decades, having overseen the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, the SNES, the Nintendo 64, followed by the disc-based GameCube, and even until the Wii was released.

Once the cutting-edge source of information on Nintendo’s new and upcoming games, Future Publishing ironically sees no future in the print form ever since they started to contract half a decade ago, and has failed to secure any backing for an online launch either. How many of you grew up looking forward to your copy of Nintendo Power each month? I wonder if a pristine copy of Nintendo Power would eventually find its way to eBay for an obscene price like this Final Fantasy 2 NES cart

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