How does it feel to be one of a kind? I guess you can pose that question to the owner of the Final Fantasy 2 NES cartridge, which is deemed to be the only one of its kind in the US, considering how Square never did release it Stateside all those years ago when 8-bit gaming was all the rage. Just how much is the owner asking for this extremely rare copy of the game? First of all, you will need to have at least $50,000 in your bank account, considering how that is the sticker price that the owner has slapped on the cartridge on eBay. It is a mad, mad world out there, don’t you think so? The seller claims that it is the only one in existence – dare you take up the challenge? Read on about the history of Final Fantasy 2 NES right after the jump if you are a trivia buff.


Basically, when Square Enix was known as Squaresoft, the development team somehow decided to give the US a miss when it came to Final Fantasy 2, instead deciding to release Final Fantasy 4 on the soon-to-be SNES instead. Wondering whether this gap in the RPG series would bring about a degree of confusion, even more confusion was created when Final Fantasy 4 was released as Final Fantasy 2, now how about that?

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