Nokia’s executive vice-president of sales and marketing sent a tweet addressed to Samsung, which says “Samsung, take note, next generation Lumia coming soon #nokia”. This is quite a bold message to send over, given that Samsung is experiencing a meteoric rise, while Nokia hasn’t been doing so well as of late.

Of course, some display of confidence isn’t a bad thing, but we can only hope that Nokia will deliver accordingly during its September 5 event in NYC. With Windows Phone 8, Nokia finally has the opportunity to come up with a smartphone that features a high-end chip. If you remember, the previous Windows Phone OS (7.x) did not support multi-cores, and Microsoft engineers were the ones writing the driver code, which limited the number of supported hardware.

Now, OEMs can write their own driver code, and this will open the choice as to what hardware is supported, or not. What do you think of this tweet? Should Nokia keep a low-key profile until it has something that can blow Samsung (and others) out of the water? Or is the upcoming Nokia so good that the company can be near-certain of success?

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