Yes, there does seem to be a trend that moves towards a zombie apocalypse in the movies and TV shows these days, don’t you think so? For those of you who think that zombies will never exist in our lifetime, here is a game that is based on The Walking Dead series, where it has spawned an iOS game in the process, and now we have a somewhat similar The Walking Dead game on social network giant Facebook itself.


AMC and social game developers RockYou and Eyes Wide Games have come together to join forces in the creation of The Walking Dead Social Game for Facebook. According to Eyes Wide Games CEO, Stephen Griffin, said “You start the game in a prequel state. So it actually all starts before Rick wakes up from his coma. And you’re with Shane and Lori en route to Atlanta. The game is divided into chapters so the first chapter is this prequel state. And then every few months we’re going to release a new chapter.”

Each new chapter will play a role in representing a series of the AMC TV series, and gamers will be given a chance to interact with characters from the TV show – now how about that for an added bonus for fans of the show?

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