Computing giant IBM has launched an investigation alongside the Kenyan government in Nairobi, opening up a tech research hub there in the process while keeping their fingers crossed (not to mention performing their fair share of quantitative analysis using scientific methodologies and instruments, of course) in an attempt to solve local issues, including traffic congestion. Right now, IBM already has set up 11 research outposts throughout the world, and Nairobi’s research hub will see it house up to 50 researchers in 5 years’ time.

No idea on just how much money is IBM willing to throw to set up the new lab, but around the world, the company has an expenditure of approximately $6.5 billion annually dedicated just for research and development purposes. According to an IBM spokesperson, “The research lab will be dealing with traffic congestion, which is a huge problem, as well as solving the clean water issue, and population density in cities.” Makes perfect sense, considering how roads in Nairobi have been ranked as the 4th most congested around the world in IBM’s 2011 Commuter Pain survey.

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