Right now, many companies around the world are working to develop a viable vaccine for COVID-19. This is a good thing as it means that the pandemic could be brought under control, or best case scenario, eliminated for good. However, it seems that all the companies rushing to develop their own vaccine has created an opportunity for hackers.

According to a report from IBM, it seems that the company’s cybersecurity division has discovered that there have been attempts to try and hack the vaccine cold chain, which for those unfamiliar is part of the supply network that ensures that the vaccines developed are kept cold to prevent them from going bad.

The report says that the hacks come in the form of phishing emails made to look like it was sent from an executive from Haier Biomedical, a Chinese cold chain supply company. According to IBM researchers Claire Zaboeva and Melissa Frydrych, “We assess that the purpose of this campaign may have been to harvest credentials to gain future unauthorized access. From there, the adversary could gain insight into internal communications, as well as the process, methods and plans to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine.”

IBM is now advising cold chain companies to remain vigilant and to be on high alert from future phishing attempts or hacks in general.

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