IBM Develops AI To Help Create New Fragrances

There are people in the world whose jobs are to concoct fragrances used for perfumes, detergent, and so on. We imagine that it’s probably not an easy task trying to determine what kind of combinations work, and whether or not they’ll be appealing, but IBM thinks that they might be able to lend a hand.

IBM Experimenting With Cryptocurrency Pegged To U.S. Dollar

IBM has decided to experiment with a digital currency that’s pegged to the United States dollar. The cryptocurrency stablecoin is tied to the government-backed currency that is the USD. The idea behind tying up the cryptocurrency with an existing currency is to reduce the volatility that’s often seen with digital currencies.

IBM Shows Off World’s Smallest Computer

Computers don’t have to be big, bulky contraptions that while being quite powerful are restricted in their versatility. The industry understood this decades ago which is why we now have the devices that we have today and not computers that take up an entire room (though we still have them but only for specialized purposes). IBM has now unveiled what it claims to be the world’s smallest computer. It’s even […]

IBM Uses AI To Help Keep This Zoo’s Heating Costs Down

Keeping the heater or air-con running all day is no doubt a pretty quick way to rack up a massive electricity bill. This is multiplied many times over in commercial/larger settings, like for example at a zoo where they need to run both heaters and air-con depending on the climate that they’re trying to maintain for the animals.


IBM Scientists Capture Record 330 TB Of Data In Small Cartridge

Scientists at IBM have done something truly remarkable. They have been able to store 330 terabytes of uncompressed data on a tiny cartridge that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. To get a sense of just how much data they have managed to store in this little cartridge, consider the fact that 330 TB is the equivalent of 330 million books.

IBM’s AI Predicts Schizophrenia By Looking At Brain Blood Flow

The thing with a lot of diseases and health problems is that it is usually better when it is detected early. In some cases early detection means a higher chance of being cured, or in some cases where it is incurable, early detection can mean that victims can take measures to slow its progress and to prevent it from becoming too severe, such as in the case of schizophrenia.

IBM Crams 30 Billion Transistors In 5nm Chip

IBM today announced that it has developed an industry-first process with partners Samsung and Globalfoundries to manufacture silicon nanosheet transistors for 5 nanometer chips. It has been able to do this in less than two years after developing a 7nm test node chip with 20 billion transistors. The latest process enables the company to cram 30 billion transistors on a chip the size of a fingernail. IBM is going to […]

IBM Acknowledges Some Of Its USB Sticks Contain Malware

You would never want to know that your USB drive malware because if you did find that out you’ll probably throw it out the window. You’d never expect a company as accomplished as IBM to ship out USB drives that are infected with malware, but that’s precisely what it did, albeit accidentally. IBM has acknowledged in a support advisory post that some of its USB drives contain malware.

IBM’s Watson Can Now Be Used To Diagnose Heart Disease

Because we are human, we aren’t perfect which means that sometimes in the medical profession, humans can overlook certain signs that could be a symptom of a larger problem. However thankfully with the advancement of AI and technology, perhaps missing out on signs of heart disease might be a thing of the past.

IBM Debuts Weather App That Can Send Alerts Without A Network

Weather apps are a dime a dozen and for the most part, the default weather app that comes installed on our phones is more than capable of getting the job done and then some. Sure, there are more complicated and complex apps out there, but if you just want to know if today is an umbrella or jacket kind of day, the default app should be fine.

Japan Airlines & Finnair To Use iPhones & iPad Pros For Maintenance

While Apple’s products have typically appealed to the commercial sector, a couple of years ago Apple announced a partnership with IBM which would see them make a push into the enterprise sector. We’ve seen that manifest itself with efforts in Japan, and now it looks like we’re seeing it being applied to the airline industry as well.

Doctors In Japan Use Artificial Intelligence To Diagnose Leukemia

If you’ve watch TV shows like House, you probably know that there are some conditions that people suffer from that are rare and aren’t as easy to diagnose. However it seems that in the future, such conditions could be diagnosed much quicker thanks to the help of AI, which is what doctors in Japan did.

IBM Finds A Way To Use Phase-Change Memory In Flash & RAM

With every release of RAM modules or flash memory, companies find ways to make them faster and more reliable than before, but it seems that IBM has managed to figure out a way that could potentially replace such technology in the future, which is thanks to the use of phase-change memory (PCM).

IBM Develops Chemical That Can Block A Multitude Of Killer Viruses

You might have a bar of antibacterial soap at home and for the most part you know that it is supposed to kill of bacteria. However the bacteria that it kills tends to be of the common variety that might cause odor, skin infections, or food poisoning. Basically stuff that isn’t particularly life-threatening.