Xbox Windows games arriving on Windows 8 desktops and SurfaceMicrosoft certainly looks as though they want to consolidate the gaming experience under one name in due time, where “Xbox Windows” will be the moniker whenever there is a game title which is released for a Windows 8-powered desktop or notebook, as well as for the highly anticipated Surface tablet to boot. In fact, the Windows classic freebie games, Minesweeper and Solitaire, will be some of the first games that will be part of Microsoft’s new Xbox Windows banner. This game range does seem to be a separate entity compared to the existing Games for Windows Live service.

Solitaire Collection, Minesweeper and Microsoft Mahjong will deliver up to 50 Gamerscore each, and are tipped to be made available without having you fork out a single cent, as long as you own a device with a fresh Windows 8 installation. What do you think of this particular marketing strategy, will it make life easier for those who are new to the gaming scene, and reduce some form of confusion if there were any before this?

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