YouTube logoJust how popular is YouTube? Well, lets just say that it is so popular, that over four billion hours of video are watched each month. If you want to convert that to something else that we can relate to, we are talking about 456,000 years of videos and user uploaded content. On a lighter note, that is also the same as driving yourself nuts willingly by watching the original Nyan Cat video around 66 billion times. In fact, the video sharing giant did report its official figures as three billion hours of footage each month, so the latest unofficial figure of four billion is definitely an achievement not to be sneezed at.

Apart from that, YouTube users have been said to upload up to 72 hours of content every single minute. Compare this to just four years ago – back then, users were uploading a relatively paltry 10 hours of video each minute. It would be interesting to see just how many more hours of video will be uploaded in a year’s time from now. Hopefully Google would have found a really great way to monetize YouTube by then, which will surely drive their share price up north, not to mention open up a whole new avenue for folks to sign up with the video sharing site.

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