We do know that the PS Vita from Sony is a unique portable gaming console, considering how it comes with a control scheme that is slightly different from the rest while still maintaining a traditional gaming set up. Well, Apple might have taken an envious look at the PS Vita, having applied for a new patent which points towards a possible future of the iPad that will boast of backside controls, specifically meant to help you enjoy video games in a totally new way. Needless to say, the sensor-based controls are positioned right under the iPad’s surface so that it does not resemble the physical buttons of yore.

In order to detect where your hands and fingers are, more sensors are required to come into play, which translates to an additional burden on battery life. Hopefully equal leaps in the right direction where battery life is concerned will also be achieved in tandem. Do bear in mind that since this is a patent application, you can be quite sure that you will not be able to see such technology being implemented in current devices this coming September 12th.

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