Blackberry 10 boot times should be dramatically betterFor those who own a Blackberry device, doing a soft reboot of your phone is a relatively painless and quick process. Performing a hard reset by pulling the battery on the other hand is a whole different story and owners of Blackberry devices can probably attest to the rather lengthy boot times. Well according to the folks at CrackBerry, some of the changes that Blackberry users and fans can expect from upcoming Blackberry 10 devices is that boot times should be “dramatically” better compared to devices like the Playbook.

According to them, RIM has made some changes and is no longer loading up all drivers during the boot up which in theory should reduce the time waiting for your phone to start. However since we have yet to try a Blackberry 10 device ourselves, it’s hard to say if this is true. In any case this is probably one of the minor quibbles that Blackberry owners might have that could have been solved in Blackberry 10. So, who’s looking forward to the new OS?

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