It was more than a fortnight ago when we first laid our eyes on the cyborg cockroach that hailed from the North Carolina State University, and here we are with a video that details it further. It showcases Professor Alper Bozkurt’s love for these pesky insects known as cockroaches. I absolutely loathe these buggers, where no amount of bug spray seems to be able to work, and they tend to avoid my strategically placed roach traps after a while. Search and rescue operations seem to be the reason as to why these cyborg cockroaches were created in the first place.

You know what is worse for folks like me who loathe cockroaches, let alone cyborg ones? Best to stop here instead of performing further research and development on these pests, as I do not think that having zombie cyborg cockroaches hanging around planet Earth is such a good idea after all.

According to Alper Bozkurt, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in said university, “We don’t believe that we induce any sort of feeling of pain to the insect with our stimulations. Many people may be thinking that we are zapping the insect and it tries to avoid the pain and it goes in the other direction but biologically, there are a lot of research publications and evidence out there which suggest that there is no concept of pain for the insect.” That’s nice to hear, isn’t it?

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