Facebook allows users to delete search history

Search histories are perhaps the most incriminating tracks we leave on the internet. Google’s allowed its users to delete search data for a while, and although few choose to, it makes a lot of people feel better. Facebook’s search history may be even more incriminating than Google’s history. Have you ever searched for a ex? Facebook today allowed users to delete their search histories.

To take a look, go under the Activity Log button on your homepage. In addition to the ability to delete it, you can look back over your previous searches–try not to feel too embarrassed. Since this is now on your page when you’re logged in, signing out becomes more important. Not only can someone who is signed into your profile read your old messages, but your old search queries as well. So you should definitely log on and take a look at what you’ve searched, and if you don’t like what you see, please, for everyone’s sake, delete it. Nobody should read someone else’s diary–or search queries.

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