Social networking giant Facebook has turned off facial recognition in the European Union, although they did receive the all-clear from Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) with regard to several points concerning its review. Just to recap, there was some investigation going on concerning Facebook’s transparency on user data and privacy, and we are pleased to say that everything has ended on a positive note.

Several recommendations were made earlier in the year in order to help Facebook’s policies toe the line with data protection regulations in the region. Facebook announced officially that “the great majority of the recommendations have been fully implemented to the satisfaction of this Office.” One of Facebook’s success in meeting the criteria is called “Tag Suggest”, where facial recognition has been turned off for new users in the EU.

Facebook will be checking out facial recognition technology in the future though, where they mentioned that “It’s worth us reiterating that once we have a agreed an approach on the best way to notify and educate users with the DPC, we hope to bring back this useful tool.” All the best to Facebook then!

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