It was only a matter of time I guess,to hear that Fujifilm has gracefully pulled themselves out of the motion picture film production race from next spring onwards, with the main scourge of this business being their reason; being unable to maintain profitability. This is largely attributed to the rapid digitalization of the cinema industry, according to Kyodo News. It must be said that Fujifilm has had a long and distinguished history in the creation of film for movie cameras and for screening in theaters, clocking up nearly 80 years of experience in the field since it was establishment all the way back in 1934 (that is before World War 2 even started to get a better idea on how far back that was). These days, the entertainment industry tends to use digital cameras to shoot movies due to the subsequently easier editing and distribution processes.

This would mean the end of a Japanese institution, as Fujifilm is currently Japan’ only manufacturer of motion picture film. However, Fujifilm will still remain to stand steadfast behind the work of manufacturing special film that was specially designed to preserve motion pictures for a long period. Do you need a tissue to bid goodbye to the passing of an era? [Press Release]

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