The wonders of LEGO is this – your artistic creation is limited by the number and type of bricks and more importantly, your imagination. Well, we have seen some interesting LEGO concoctions in the past, but this time around, someone who feels that the upcoming summer blockbuster from J. J. Abrams, Super 8, needs to get some LEGO lovin’ – using LEGO Technics pieces this time around.


LEGO builder Friedemann Wachsmuth deviced to construct this rather impressive looking Super-8 film projector, where it will include all the important and relevant mechanical bits including the shutter, using nothing but LEGO Technics. Of course, there are some non-LEGO pieces in the picture and they include the flashlight, lens and film reels – with the 8mm film, obviously.

What are some of the more creative devices that you think LEGO deserves to get a shot at to bring it to life? Hopefully the Technics pieces are able to stand up to the brunt of being a fully working projector in the long run…

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