Gamestop is gearing up for the crop of next-generation consoles. At the same time, the company is cutting down on PS2 sales. Although PS2 still brings in a handsome profit, it has to be phased out of many stores to make space for upcoming game consoles, says Mike Dzura, Gamestop’s Vice President of Store Operations.

The company’s strategy is to remove the PS2 console first from its coastal stores. Dzura explains this in the following words, “The heartland of the U.S. tends to catch the wave a little bit later than the coasts to a degree. So we kinda bring it in, and we’ll take it out of the stores where the shelves would be better served by next-generation product, or they’re just small stores where they can’t fit it in.”

Sony’s PS2 has been one of the most popular game consoles ever. However, newer kids are coming in town and so, the ever-popular console has to take a back seat. Gamestop is naturally excited about the upcoming Wii U. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ashley Sheetz says, “Well, obviously, the Wii U is going to be the first in line, and we’re excited about that launch.”

Nintendo is expected to launch its Wii U sometime in November this year and a lot of anticipation is surrounding the expected launch. Many have branded it as the harbinger of a next generation of game consoles. What remains to be seen is that whether or not it will live up to such expectations.

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