Google has just updated their Google Maps app today by throwing in a sleeker turn-by-turn navigation function complete with traffic conditions, biking directions, Map Maker and new Street View imagery being introduced in additional locations around the world. Google Maps Navigation (Beta) will be expanded with voice guided, turn-by-turn directions across thousands of towns in India, making it useful for folks who want to visit densely populated cities like Delhi or Bangalore. Not only that, live traffic conditions for major roads with estimated travel times are also thrown into the mix so that you are better able to plan your route.

Biking directions and Map Maker will be made available to Kiwis (New Zealanders), where local cyclists benefit from accessing biking directions directly on Google Maps, while Map Maker allows one to add bike lanes and trails upon discovery of a new one.

Not only that, new Street View imagery for over 150 university campuses around the world will be added, ranging from UCLA in the US, Pembroke College in the UK, McGill University in Canada and Sophia University in Japan.

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