Late last night, we talked about how the GTA 5 release date might have leaked out in a screenshot (which came with a customary blurred look, of course, as with most leaked images and screenshots) although there is a possibility that it might be a hoax. Well, here is another piece of information concerning GTA 5 that you might want to take with a grain of salt – it seems that an European source has laid claim to the map size in GTA 5 to be (unsurprisingly) five times that of the one in its predecessor, GTA 4.

And you thought that GTA 4 was large, no? What do you think about this piece of information – is it legit, or do you think that it is just another rabbit trail for fanboys to follow? One thing’s for sure, if the map is really that large, then you would definitely get your money’s worth with each purchase. You need not rush through it all, you know.

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