The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been beloved for a while now, ever since the early days of the game where it featured top-down pixelated graphics, that despite everything still made it an immensely fun game to play. The game has progressed in terms of gameplay and graphics, with Grand Theft Auto V being the latest title in the franchise.

The title was a long-awaited one and was said to have earned Rockstar a whopping $1 billion in its first three days. It has continued to flourish until today, which is why it’s not surprising that a documentary about the game is being made. It is being directed by Rob Ryan with Salon Pictures’ Annabel Wigoder and Nick Taussig acting as the show’s producers.

Exactly what kind of content this documentary is expected to show is still unclear, but we imagine that it will most likely explore topics like how the game might have impacted society as a whole, and maybe cover controversies where some have blamed the game for allegedly inciting and inspiring violence in youths. There is no date on when the documentary will be released, but if you’re a fan of the series, then maybe this could be worth keeping an eye out for.

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